Dismantling gender stereotypes one fairy tale at a time!


What if Cinderella Solved Her Own Problems?

Our first book features a spunky protagonist named Danielle, who learns to stand up to the challenges she faces, gaining bravery, and whole lot more in the process, with nary a prince in sight!

CINDERELLA is out now in print on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca,, Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon Europe, and releasing very soon on Kindle!

What People Are Saying About Us!

From Big & Little Ones

  • "As a teacher to exceptional students, I found this book extremely thought-provoking among my students. Many of them struggle with social norms, socio-emotional regulations, problem-solving, impulsivity, and things of the like."

    Kaitlin Dommermuth 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher
  • "I liked this better than the regular Cinderella because she kept on trying and remembered what she had promised her Mom, that she would always be brave."

    Bella Age 8
  • "I think the book was better than the real Cinderella and that they should make other books about the other princesses."

    Brooklin Age 9
  • "I like how if I was in the same situation as her I could do what she did, like standing up to someone that is being mean."

    Emma Age 8
  • "I liked it because it taught other people a lesson, like don't be scared."

    Ryder Age 9
  • "The normal Cinderella is all about how the prince saves her, but in this one it gives you more of an encouraging message that you can do it yourself. "

    Lilly Age 9
  • “I like that she remembered her mother when she was in the pit and went back home instead of staying back in that forest. And she solved her own problems by talking to her sisters instead of waiting to get married like in the other Cinderella story”

    Lasya Age 8
  • "I thought she was brave and listened to her mom and dad. I loved it!"

    Reegan Age 5

A little bit about us

Imaginare Studios is working on solving the confidence gap between adult women and men by targeting the content that we read as very young children, using emotional development milestones as a guide. These milestones are reflected in their first set of stories, including revised fairytales that present the protagonists as their own heroes, solving problems and having adventures that have nothing to do with being saved by someone else.

While the fairytales present girls as having agency, we hope that both boys and girls read this story. After all, we want both boys and girls to grow up knowing that both men and women are capable of saving themselves!

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